Team Info

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Women’s Walk 118 Team
Shelly Bowles – Assistant Table Leader Micki Cole – Food Assistant
Beverly Cyrus – Music Director Marsha Davis – Spiritual Director
Darlene Dix – Assistant Table Leader Jerry Drinkard – Assistant Spiritual Director
Carol Files – Music Team Tracey Hammonds – Table Leader
Sadie Hawthorne – Assistant Lay Director Tammy Hayes – Assistant Spiritual Director
Robin Heese – Talk Room Assistant Kristie Klement – Music Team
Michelle Lape – Table Leader Linda May – Table Leader
Suzanne Metts – Lay Director Jenn Miller – Assistant Lay Director
Shawn Morris – Assistant Table Leader Pam Mundhenk – Table Leader
Karen Paynter – Music Team Dana Phillips – Table Leader
Frances Rogers – Music Team Betty Slaughter – Chapel Assistant
Donna Smith – Assistant Spiritual Director Shaun Smith – Assistant Spiritual Director
Regan Standlick – Assistant Table Leader Cathy Walker – Assistant Lay Director
Grace Wallace – Assistant Table Leader Marsha Warren – Music Team
Petra Wicker – Board Representative
Men’s Walk 119 Team
Jason Meeks – Walk Lay Director Lee Davis – Walk Spiritual Diector
John Watson – BTS Coordinator Bob Anderton – Prayer Warrior
Kevin Dunn – Assistant Lay Director Harold Saxton – Table Leader
Vance Leighty – Table Leader Bob Mundhenk – Table Leader
Tony Craven – Assistant Table Leader Ken Davis – Transportation
Slip Slippy – Video Technician Ed Saunders – Assistnt Lay Director
John Hogge – Muusic Director Tony Huddleston – Assistant Table Leader
Mitch Crickenberger – Assistant Spiritual Director Jason – Phillips – Assistant Lay Director
Lee Felton – Assistant Spiritual Director Richard Bingle – Assistant Table Leader
Stephgen Taylor – Table Leader Norm Lewis – Table Leader
Joshua Jones – BTS Technician Roderick Smithson – Assistant Table Leeader
Jeff Pelkey – Assistant Table Leader
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