Sponsor Info

Prayerfully select the person God wants you to sponsor.

Explain the Walk to Emmaus as honestly as you can, answering your Pilgrim’s questions (there is a general information sheet and an FAQ sheet available to help you answer questions). Remember, “I can’t tell you,” is not acceptable – we believe in transparency.

Fill out the Pilgrim Application with the Pilgrim.

Collect the $50.00 application fee (only refundable if the community cancels the walk)) from the pilgrim and send it in with the Pilgrim Application to the registrar (on the application).

Your “sponsorship fee” of $250.00 per pilgrim will be collected at Sendoff.

Make arrangements to collect 8-12 personal agape letters from family and close friends of the pilgrim. Please put these letters in a manila envelope clearly labeled with the pilgrim’s name and also writing “Sunday personal agape letters” on the envelope.

Provide transportation and dinner for your Pilgrim on Thursday the Walk weekend. Be sure to allow for dropping off luggage, to arrive at The Nazarene Camp Tabernacle before 7:00 P.M.

Plan your trip to the Nazarene Camp with time to allow for slow service or crowded restaurants. The weekend can’t begin until every Pilgrim has arrived. If your pilgrim is late, it causes everyone to wait and diminishes the effectiveness of the evening’s program because everyone is tired. Additionally, since Sponsor’s Hour is late, the trips home are late!

Once at The Nazarene Camp, make sure your Pilgrim is not left alone. Introduce your Pilgrim to others there, making connections of personal interest or experience.

Stay with your Pilgrim until the Walk weekend officially begins.

Stay in the Tabernacle for the Sponsor’s Hour, after the Pilgrims leave to begin their journey.

Personally pray over your Pilgrim’s cross before leaving The Nazarene Camp for home.

Pay your Sponsor’s fee of $250.00 if you have not already done so.

Uplift all Pilgrims and Team members in prayer throughout the weekend.

Touch base with your Pilgrim’s family during the weekend to make sure everything at home is going well and to assure them their loved one is doing well.

Contact the Pilgrim’s home and offer to help out during the weekend in light of the Pilgrim’s absence.

Come to Candlelight on Saturday night, bringing a bunch flowers for your Pilgrim to receive on Sunday morning. Since purchasing flowers in Dillwyn is very limited, it would be best to purchase them beforehand (Please note that the flowers will be shared among all Pilgrims).

Be on time for Closing on Sunday (no later than 4:30 pm). The time of your wait depends on God’s timing for the weekend.

Help your Pilgrim get luggage and agape (received over the Walk Weekend) to your vehicle after Closing.

Take your Pilgrim to dinner, listening actively as your Pilgrim shares the experience with you.

Return your Pilgrim to their home, helping with luggage as needed.

Plan to take your Pilgrim to the Day of Deeper Understanding (in order for your Pilgrim to sponsor or team they must have attended the Day of Deeper understanding).

Call your Pilgrim the next day to offer any support and remind them of the Day of Deeper Understanding.

Bring your pilgrim to the Day of Deeper Understanding

Make plans to bring your Pilgrim to future Gatherings with you.

Remind your Pilgrim to stay connected with the Community through the web page (www.ssvae.org).

Encourage and help your Pilgrim become established in a small group fellowship for support, encouragement, and accountability. It does not have to be limited to Emmaus participants but must be scripture-based.

Remember that Sponsorship is a life-long commitment. Any questions or concerns, please contact the registrar:

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